Invention Details - How Does it Work?

A patent application protects only the information you provide. The more detail you provide, the more that is covered, so provide as much information as you can! At the minimum, make sure these details are provided:

  • What does the invention do?
  • How does the invention work?
  • What are the components of your invention? If the invention is a process or method, what are the steps involved?
  • How are the components put together and how do they work together to function?

Important: Include as much information and detail as possible. Information that you leave out will not be protected. Do not be vague! Specific details will not limit your protection in a provisional patent application.

You may submit your invention specifications by entering it into the field below, uploading it as a file, or faxing it in. You will have an opportunity to upload figures, illustrations, and photos on the next page.

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Fully describe your invention, ensuring that at the least, the questions at the top of the page are answered:

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Alternatively, you can upload your invention details from files on your computer.